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Jun 2, 2014 0 Comments

America Betrayed Over Bergdahl, Taliban Leaders POW Exchange Articles / Opinion Editorials

Authors: J.D. GORDON

In one of America’s most shocking wartime decisions, the Commander-in-Chief has knowingly broken the law to release five of our highest-ranking enemies in return for a young soldier who mysteriously vanished from his post days after allegedly writing to his parents, “the horror is that America is disgusting” and mailing home boxes with his books and uniforms.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon, and Senate Armed Services Committee Ranking Member James Inhofe released a joint statement noting that President Barack Obama was required by law to provide a 30-day notice to Congress before transferring any detainees, explaining how their security threat was to be mitigated.

And the White House response?

“Unique and exigent circumstances” justified the decision. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel later claimed the Taliban’s prisoner was endangered, curiously more now than during his five years in captivity. Really?

So much for the Constitution. So much for Mr. Obama’s constant refrains about America following the “rule of law.”

But regrettably this is not just an academic exercise, nor just about the law. Nor about one soldier.

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