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Sep 26, 2014 0 Comments

Obama’s global retreat leads to Gangsta’s Paradise in Latin America Articles / Opinion Editorials, Publications

Authors: J.D. GORDON

With world leaders back in New York this week for the UN General Assembly, most of the attention was focused on Russia’s power grab in Ukraine and the so-called Islamic State’s march through Syria and Iraq. Yet as nearly three dozen heads of state in Latin America and the Caribbean know all too well, the power vacuum left by Team Obama’s withdrawal of U.S. leadership has sprouted chaos in their region too.

After spending much of August in Mexico, I was saddened to see the damage wrought by the drug wars. Once a relatively safe country, Mexico has been overrun by half-a-dozen powerful cartels which have battled each other and government forces leading to over 100,000 deaths within the past decade.

While the body count continues to climb there and in Central America, fueling the ever-worsening immigration crisis, it’s natural to look to Washington for answers. Though the 2008 Merida Initiative authorized over $2 billion on training and equipping Mexican forces while reforming their judicial system, it isn’t close to turning the tide…. Continue Reading »

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Sep 26, 2014 0 Comments

Foro analliza: estrategias contra el EI Media Appearances, Television Appearances

Daniel Álvarez, de la Universidad Internacional de Florida, y Joseph Humire, asesor en asuntos de seguridad, y Celina Realuyo, Profesora del Centro Perry de la Universidad de Defensa Nacional analizan las estrategias contra el Estado Islámico.

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Sep 24, 2014 0 Comments

Is a permanent US troop presence in Iraq needed? Media Appearances, Television Appearances

Lt. Col. Bill Cowan and JD Gordon react to Sen. Rubio’s recommendation on terror threat.