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SITREP: Central American Caravans Publications, Situation Report

This Situation Report covers the recent crisis driven by mass migration from Central America through Mexico to the United States southwest border. The report details the route taken by the Central American caravans, focusing on the transit from Honduras to Mexico through Guatemala, and describes how Irregular Migrants (I/M) and Special Interest Aliens (SIA) are moving within and around the various caravans. The report highlights the irregularities of the caravans, particularly the route selected, and provides a threat assessment as to how this form of forced migration could function as a logistical train to potentially destabilize the region and delegitimize the United States.

SFS scholars traveled to Guatemala in late October and observed the movement of the migrant caravans from Central America in close coordination with the Guatemalan government and local authorities. They visited two border crossings and spoke with immigration and intelligence ouicials from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.

The US tendency to overlook Latin America in formulating foreign policy has resulted in a void of accurate information. SFS stays committed to providing up-to-date analysis and has consistently emphasized the importance of Latin America to US foreign policy and national security. Our field research and detailed analysis is carefully constructed so that US policymakers can count on a proper threat assessment.

This Situation Report (SITREP) provides research, writings, and testimony from scholars, senior fellows, and international fellows of the Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS), as well as information from other scholars and international news outlets analyzing the crisis stemming from the Central American caravans.

Download a PDF of the SITREP, here.

Download a PDF of the Route Survey, here.

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Hezbollah Crime-Terror Network Poses Big Concerns, Should Be Focus At Summit Of The Americas Articles / Opinion Editorials, Publications

Authors: J.D. GORDON

As world leaders from throughout the Western Hemisphere gather in Lima, Peru for the Summit of the Americas VIII on April 13th – 14th they should agree to target Hezbollah and dismantle their crime-terror empire in this part of the world.

While Hezbollah, aka Lebanon’s Shia Islam “Party of God”, is most well-known for both raining down rockets on Israel and fighting in Syria on behalf of Bashar Al-Assad, its growing profile in Latin America has been gaining attention.  That’s because it has grown into a billion-dollar syndicate through illicit financing in Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Panama and beyond to fund global terror at Iran’s bidding….

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The US and Colombia aren’t planning a military intervention in Venezuela, but is Maduro? Articles / Opinion Editorials, Publications


In an op-ed piece for CNN in Español, Joseph Humire discusses the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. He asks, what if the strategic objective isn’t to produce internal chaos, but to provoke an external conflict?

What role do Russia and Iran play?

And what does Plan Zamora have to do with the strategy?

Read the full article (in Spanish), here.

Joseph Humire escribe en una columna para CNN en Español en que él discute la situación en Venezuela. Él pregunta  “qué pasa si el objetivo estratégico de la propaganda del régimen venezolano ya no es distraer del caos interno sino provocar un conflicto externo?”

¿Qué tiene ver con Plan Zamora or Rusia y Irán?

Lee el artículo completo, aquí, para averiguarlo.