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Aug 28, 2017 0 Comments

Está Hezbollah en Venezuela? Media Mentions

Flag_of_Venezuela.svgJoseph Humire fue citado en un artículo sobre la presencia de Hizbola en América Latina. Él dice que “Hezbollah está usando una red financiera en Venezuela y en América Latina para lavar dineros y mover drogas.”

Humire continua, “Si asumimos que Venezuela ha podido documentar individuos del Líbano y Siria, donde está Hezbollah, con identidades como venezolanos, es imposible conocer si están en Venezuela.”

Lee el artículo original en El Estimulo.

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Jul 19, 2017 0 Comments

No Latin American Country Has Branded Hezbollah a Terror Group Despite Ties to Major Attacks Media Mentions

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Latin American countries have failed to register Iranian proxy Hezbollah as a terrorist organization despite the threat it poses to the region, a Peruvian official revealed during a discussion on Capitol Hill.

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Trump’s war of annihilation strategy against Islamic State frees military to quickly seize territory Media Mentions


President Trump’s strategy against ISIS was proclaimed as vastly different than his predecessor.

Soldados, Militar, Ee Uu, Armas, La Guerra, LuchaAn article by Rowen Scarborough in The Washington Times entitled, “Trump’s war of annihilation strategy against Islamic State frees military to quickly seize territory,” debates the new policy and the on-going situation in Iraq and Syria. SFS Fellow, J.D. Gordon was quoted in the op-ed as saying,

“President Trump has taken the war against ISIS to the next level,” Mr. Gordon said. “First, he’s worked with allied forces to surround and physically destroy ISIS fighters in both Iraq and Syria, and second, increased pressure on their finances to include shining a spotlight on Qatar’s support to terror groups. Simultaneously, he’s enacted extreme vetting for numerous countries where it’s near impossible to screen out ISIS operatives and sympathizers.”

He adds, “the [administration’s] changes are more significant. For the first time, he said, a U.S. administration is calling out Qatar, via Persian Gulf allies, for its ties to Sunni terrorism.”

Read the full article, by Rowen Scarborough, here.